Posted on Jan 3, 2021

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Garage Door Springs Tucson

How long should my garage door springs last? AJ's Garage Door Service gets a lot of questions about garage door springs here in Tucson.

The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 “cycles”. A cycle is one opening and one closing of the garage door. The steel spring experiences tremendous force each time the door opens or closes. Gradually, the steel fatigues with each flex, and eventually cracks and breaks, usually releasing its stored energy in an instant with a loud noise or bang. In garage door repairs, most accidents occur during the replacement of the springs.

Also, if one spring breaks and they were installed at the same time, it is likely that the other will not be far behind since they both have the same wear and tear. For this reason, we suggest changing both springs at once (we always replace both if they are extension type) to save you the expense of a second service trip.

When you experience a broken garage door spring and need replacements, call AJ's Garage Door Service at (520) 240-1779

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